Windows 7 password breaker can help you bypass the lost Win 7 password safely

break Windows 7 password It makes computer users happy that Windows enable users to set a Windows password to protect their computer. But it is a headache when people forget it. Actually, setting a Windows password is easy. Changing an old password to a new one is easy, too. Even resetting forgotten Windows 7 password is also easy. Can you believe that? Well, it depends on what method you use to fix the problem. See how I break Windows 7 password below.

You can use a free Windows password recovery program, like Ophcrack. It is said on the Internet that it is the most popular free recovery program. For limited free programs, I don't doubt. But for all password recovery tools, it is hard to say. After all, Opcrack is used for limited operating systems, like Windows 7, Vista and XP, but also only for passwords that is less than 14 characters. As for better Windows 7 password breaker, I'd like to say the following one I introduce is the one.

Windows Login Recovery, it is the password recovery tool's name. Easy operation, clear and graphical interface and quick password recovery speed turn it to be a program that most available and popular password recovery software among computer users. Four different editions fulfill users' different needs. So whatever Windows system you need to reset for or how long your password is, Windows Login Recovery surely can help you fix the problem.

Some users will be worry about whether it can reset admin password. The answer is YES, definitely YES. For other programs, I'm not so sure about that. Do as the following steps to bypass Windows 7 password by using Windows Login Recovery.

1.    Download and install Windows Login Recoveryan accessible computer.

2.    Run it, find a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (if it is not blank, back up your data.) and insert it into the computer mentioned above to make a password reset disk first.

3.    Take the disk out and put it into the locked computer. That will bring up a friendly Windows password reset wizard, follow the guiding of it then you can make the password bypass.

A few minutes later, you can log on Windows 7 with no password after you restart it.