Forgot Laptop password suddenly? Get Laptop Windows password cracker

Mentioning Laptops, we are all familiar with them and even can name a lot of brands of laptops, such as HP, Dell, ThinkPad, Gateway, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Founder, Haier, Hasee and so on. No matter what brand your laptop is, if you have set a Windows password for it, when forget Windows password, you cannot user it do anything.

As most laptops use Windows 7 as operating system right now, so we will show you how to recover Windows 7 password below.

Method 1: Using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

It works differently than any other password recovery programs in that it erases the password instead of recovering it. It should works well on Windows 7, Vista, 2000 and Windows NT.

1.    Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor online on an accessible computer.

2.    Burn a bootable CD with ISO files.

3.    Insert the CD into the locked computer and restart the computer.

4.    Run it and password will be automatically erased.

Method 2: Using Ophcrack

Like Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, you boot to a burned CD with the Ophcrack ISO files. After running the software, you can log on Windows without a password.

Method 3: Using Windows Login Recovery Ultimate

It is professional Windows password reset software. Actually, there are still other three editions of Windows Login Recovery: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. And Ultimate is an all-in-one edition that has included all functions that other three own. In a word, Windows Login Recovery Ultimate is more powerful and economic. The steps are pretty simple, too.

1.    Download and install Windows Login Recovery Ultimate on a workable computer.

2.    After running the software, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to burn a Windows password reset disk.

3.    Put the disk into the locked computer and restart it. When the clear and graphical password reset wizard shows up, you can change the forgotten Windows password to a new one directly without knowing the forgotten one, or you can immediately create a new administrator account.

Forgot Laptop windows 7 password

Now, you can log on your computer without any passwords.

Note: If you want to know more detail about the Windows 7 password reset tool, please click Here.

All three Windows password reset software mentioned above are available to reset forgotten Windows password. Which one do you prefer? I do prefer the last one.

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