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Lost Windows 7 Password? How to Log on Your Password Protected PC?

lost Windows 7 password

If you lost Windows 7 password, how to log on your password protected computer again? Actually, there are lots of methods to regain access to the locked computer. In addition to use a password reset disk, you can reset Windows password in safe mode as well, and then you can log on your computer again with the newly reset password. It is very simple for you to carry it out in only three steps. Please follow the guide below.

Step 1: Enter safe mode when PC booting

Start or re-start your computer.
Press 'F8' to enter Advanced Boot Options before the Windows 7 loading screen appears.
Use arrows to choose 'Safe Mode' when you can see the Advanced Boot Options screen.
Press 'Enter' and wait for Windows 7 files to load.
Log on with an administrator account when you can see the log on screen.

Please note that you must log on with an account that has administrator permissions.

Step 2: Reset the lost Windows 7 password

Now the computer is in the safe mode, you could diagnose and solve some serious computer problems now, especially when you could not log on to your computer normally. In order to reset the lost Windows 7 password, just do as follows:

Click 'Start' button, input 'lusrmgr.msc' into the Search box and press 'Enter'.

lost windows 7 password

In the 'Local Users and Groups screen', click 'Users'.

local users and groups

Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click 'Set Password'.

choose account that lost password

Type and confirm the new password, click 'OK'.

reset the lost windows 7 password

Note: you can go to 'Local Users and Groups' screen by right-clicking 'Computer' to select 'Manage' on desktop.

Step 3: Log on your password protected PC again

You have successfully reset Windows 7 password. Now you can easily access to your computer with the new password.

Well, when you are presented with the Advanced Boot Options screen, there are 3 types of Safe Mode. They are the Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and the 3 options are all available for you. Here we take Safe Mode as an example, but if you choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you'll need to input related to command prompt to reset the password.

However, if you cannot log on Windows with an account that has administrator permissions, you will be not able to enter safe mode. In that case, I'm afraid you'll need the help from third party Windows password recovery software Windows Login Recovery to reset the password. Windows Login Recovery allows you to reset the lost Windows 7 password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. It takes you less than 5 minutes.

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