Sony Windows 7 Password Recovery


Once lost Windows 7 password, my computer Sony Windows 7 always goes through a clean install of Windows, because I use that way to remove the forgotten password. Now, I realize that how stupid I am to use such a complicated way to remove a forgotten Windows password.

Actually, there is a far better and easier way to reset Sony Windows 7 password.

That is using a professional Windows password reset tool named Widows Login Recovery. It is a small utility that is built specifically to recover Windows password. Compared to any other methods for Windows 7 password reset, using Windows Login Recovery is more convenient and no doubts the ideal method for all computer users. One, it is easy-to-use, just three steps. Two, it takes a few minutes as opposed to couple of hours that reinstalling Windows use. Three, it has four different versions to fulfill all your need in Windows password recovery: standard version, professional version, enterprise version and ultimate version. Especially ultimate version, it enables users change password into a new one directly without knowing the forgotten one or users can create a new administrator account directly.

Using Windows Login Recovery to reset Sony Windows 7 password should follow three steps: (prepare an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive in advance)

1.    Download Windows Login Recovery on an accessible computer and install it.

2.    After running the software, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to burn a Windows password reset disk.

3.    Put the disk into the locked computer and restart it. The clear and graphical password reset wizard will guide you reset Sony Windows 7 password.

Forgot Sony windows 7 password

Note: if you want to know more about Windows Login Recovery, you can click Here.

More than that, Windows Login Recovery can reset all Windows passwords for any single person and organizations. For different models of Sony computer, such as VAIO Z, VAIO S, VAIO C, VAIO E, VAIO F, VAIO EE, VAIO YA, VAIO YB, VAIO J, VAIO L etc, Windows Login Recovery can perfectly reset passwords for them, too.

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