How to get ThinkPad Windows vista password removal or recovery?

Recover ThinkPad Windows vista passwordThinkPad Windows vista users, have you ever got through a problem like lost ThinkPad Windows vista password? I have. I was really mad at that time. Finally, I learn how to reset Windows password and get myself access to Windows again. To help the people who will forget password one day, I'd like to show you my way to reset forgotten Windows password.

At first, I want to perform a clean install of windows, because I know reinstall Windows can solve almost every problem. Luckily, I ask a friend and know that it is foolish solutions which will causes lose of my documents on the computer. He told me I can use Windows Login Recovery to reset ThinkPad Windows vista password. I took his advice and finally regain access to Windows of the locked computer in a few minutes.

I think it is good software and I want to introduce to you. Firstly, its name is Windows Login Recovery. It has four different editions: standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. Different needs of users can be fulfilled by using it. You can search online to see which one is perfect for you to use. To use it to recover ThinkPad Windows vista password, you don't have to need to access a user account on the locked computer. Reboot the locked computer through a password reset disk that is made by the software, then the password reset wizard pops up to let you reset password. It is quite easy and fast. To make the disk, you should find another accessible computer to download the software online. Then follow the following steps to get ThinkPad Windows vista password recovery.

1.    Download , install and run Windows Login Recovery (it has four different versions, you can choose the one you like.) on an accessible computer.

2.    Put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to make a password reset disk.

3.    Unlock the computer: insert the disk into the locked computer and make a few mouse-clicking on the pop-up interface, then you can make your forgotten password reset.

It is not the only method to reset forgotten Windows password, but it must be a good tool to get ThinkPad Windows vista password removal.