How to reset & recover the Lost Acer Windows xp Password


We are not intended to forget Acer Windows XP password or passwords of other operating systems and computer brands, it always happens in accident. When this situation comes to you, you should immediately find a professional Windows password recovery tool to reset forgotten Windows password if you have no other solutions and want to go back to work quickly at the same time.

Tell you the truth, Windows XP enable computer users to make a Windows password reset disk from the Control Panel and use it to reset Acer Windows XP password when users forget Windows password. It is the easiest way to reset Windows password but many people fail to use this method because they don’t have one when the computer is locked. You must be very regretful not to make one for backup. If you do, maybe you can save a lot of trouble.

If there is really no way to access to locked computer, we have to find another accessible computer and a CD/DVD or USB drive by all means and use powerful and professional Windows password recovery tools to remove Acer Windows XP password. For that you don’t have a clear understanding about these tools, here I would introduce you Windows Login Recovery, which is focus on all Windows passwords reset. With this computer software, you could reset Windows password without any data losing or files damaging all on your own even if it is the first time to get Windows password reset. The advantage of the software is that it not only can recover Acer Windows XP password, but also any other brands of computers and other Windows operating systems like Windows 8/7/Vista/2000 and Windows server 2008/2003. It can be said that the software is versatile. Look at the detailed steps to reset password below:


1.    Download Windows Login Recovery on an accessible computer (not the locked computer) and install it.

2.    Run the program and insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (prepared well before resetting Windows password) into the accessible computer to make it into a bootable Windows password reset disk.

3.    Put the disk into the locked computer and follow the Windows password reset wizard to reset Acer Windows XP password.

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After getting Acer Windows XP password reset, you will find that your computer is exactly the same as before when you log into the computer.