How to reset & recover the Lost HP Windows 7 Password


HP is a famous computer brand in the world. And almost all HP PCs are using Windows 7 as operating system now. Since Windows 7 is wide used in HP PCs, what if users forget HP Windows 7 password?

Luckily, there are more than one ways to figure out the problem.

Method 1: using administrator account to reset HP Windows 7 password.

This way can be used just when users can log on Windows with the administrator account or other accounts that have administrator privilege. And then reset password for the locked account through the Control Panel. The detailed steps are following:


1.    Log on Windows with admin account.

2.    Click "Start" ->typing "lusrmgr.msc" in Search Box->open "Local Users and Groups".

3.    Click "Users" and right-click the account that you want to reset password for and choose "Set Password".

4.    Type a new password into the box and confirm it.

5.    Restart the computer and log on Windows with the new password.

Method 2: a trump: Windows Login Recovery.

Windows Login Recovery is regarded as the most efficient way for HP Windows 7 password reset. When forget Windows password, people use the professional Windows password reset tool without second thought.


1.    Download Windows Login Recovery on an accessible computer (not the locked computer) and install it.

2.    Run the program and insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (prepared well before resetting Windows password) into the accessible computer to make it into a bootable Windows password reset disk.

3.    Put the disk into the locked computer and follow the Windows password reset wizard to reset HP Windows 7 password.

HP windows 7 password reset

Note: If you want to know more detail about the Windows 7 password reset tool, please click Here.

The advantages of using Windows Login Recovery are: spending short time; security; easy-to-use; no harm to computer data and files. Anytime and anywhere you need to reset HP Windows 7 password, just find a workable computer and download it to reset password. HP has so many computer models, Windows Login Recovery can reset Windows password for them all.

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