How to reset or recover Windows vista admin password?

Windows vista users have no need to be disappointed when they forgot Windows vista admin password. No problems cannot be solved, especially Windows password problems. If you cannot fix it by yourself, there are still many computer experts to help you as long as you pay them some money. But here I want to tell you an easy way to reset forgotten Windows password all on your own, even you are a computer novice.

Admin account can reset Windows password for other user accounts. When the Windows vista password you forgot happens to be the admin password, then you should either use a created Windows password reset disk or perform a clean install on Windows to get Windows vista admin password reset. Not everyone has Windows password reset disk and I strongly don’t recommend you to reinstall Windows. Actually, there is another choice. That is using third-party Windows password recovery software.

What kind of third-party Windows password recovery software? Well, I actually got one named Windows Login Recovery. It is specially invented for Windows password reset and can easily reset Windows vista admin password for you. I said even computer novice can use it to reset password all on your own because it is easy-to-use and the entire job you do during the resetting process is mouse-clicking. I do believe that every computer users surely can do mouse-clicking. Besides, the software is professional enough to offer four editions for customer to choose: standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. All of them are powerful and easy-to-use. Surely you can use each one of them to recover Windows admin password for you. Look at the steps below to see how to do it.

reset Windows admin vista password

1.    Download, install and run Windows Login Recovery on an accessible computer.

2.    Put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer. A few mouse-clicking later, a password reset disk has been made to help you reset password.

3.    Unlock the computer: insert the disk into the locked computer and make a few mouse-clicking again on the pop-up interface, then forgotten password is reset.

Once you know how to use this software, any Windows password problems, including Windows admin password recovery, are not difficult problems anymore.