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How to Reset Windows Vista Password?


reset Windows Vista password

The question on how to reset Windows Vista password is often seen on forums and Q&A websites. It is a tough issue for those who are not good at computer. But to the ones who are familiar with computer, the answer is very simple. Well, there are many fast and easy methods for you to reset the Vista password. Here we will show you two of them.

Method 1: Reset Windows Vista password with password reset disk

Windows Vista allows you to create password reset disk through control panel. You can create a password reset disk in advance. And when you forgot Windows Vista password, you can use the disk to reset the password then. Please follow the steps below.

Part 1: Create password reset disk

Start and log on your computer. Then insert a USB flash drive into the computer.
Click 'Start' button to select 'Control Panel'.

reset windows vista password

Click 'User Accounts and Family Safety' in the following screen.

click user accounts and family safety link

Click 'User Accounts' when a new screen appears.

click user accounts link

Click 'Create a password reset disk' in the left pane in the following screen.

windows vista password reset disk

After creating the disk, you'll find a 'Userkey.PSW' file when you open the USB flash drive. Keep the USB flash drive in a safe place. You'd better to mark the USB flash drive so that you can distinguish it from other USB flash drives.

Part 2: Reset Windows Vista password

Start your computer and get to the logon screen.
Type a wrong password, and then press 'Enter'.

type a wrong password

Click 'OK' when the screen showed that the user name or password is incorrect.

click ok

Click 'Reset password' to open 'Password Reset Wizard' screen.

reset windows vista password

Click 'Next' on the 'Password Reset Wizard' screen.

vista password reset wizard

Insert the password reset disk into the computer. And then follow the instructions to reset Windows Vista password.

Please Note: You must create the disk in advance.

Method 2: Reset Windows Vista password with third party software

If you are locked out of your computer without a password reset disk, you'll need the help of third party software. There is plenty of tools could be used to create Windows password reset disk on the Internet. Here we suggest Windows Login Recovery. This software allows you to use an USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD to create a Windows password reset disk. With the disk you can reset Vista password easily. Only in three simple steps.

Download Windows Login Recovery and install it in a computer.
Create a Windows password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Reset Windows Vista password with the password reset disk.

Now you can log on your computer without password. The procedures above are the compendious steps. You could view the detailed steps in the Windows Login Recovery User Guide.

The best choice is creating a password reset disk in advance. If you are locked out of your computer without a password reset disk, you could try the amazing software Windows Login Recovery. It could protect your valuable data from losing or damaging during the procedure of resetting Windows Vista password.

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