How to unlock Windows 7 admin password by Win 7 admin unlocker tool

unlock Windows 7 admin password Windows admin account can reset passwords for common user accounts, so forgetting passwords of common user accounts is not a big deal. What if people lost Windows 7 admin password? What tool can they use to reset the forgotten Windows password? Unless you have another user account that owns the admin privilege, or you must reinstall Windows or taking use of third-party Windows password recovery software.

Normally, I won't advise you to perform a clean install in Windows 7 --- a process which will erase everything on your computer, of course including the forgotten Windows password. It's drastic and obviously destructive way to unlock Windows 7 admin password. Put it as your last choice. Unless you really need to do that to remove some other else on the computer, or do not use this way only for removing a Windows password.

Then a smart way to get Windows 7 password reset is using third-party Windows password recovery software. I got one named Windows Login Recovery which is a well-written Windows 7 admin password unlocker tool and comes with clear interface to guide you easily perform Windows password recovery. To make the software can be used by different customers and to be more professional, the software released four different versions for computer users to choose: standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. Something differences among them but all of them are powerful. Like some common computer users can choose standard or professional version to reset one computer's password and groups can use enterprise version to get several password reset. You can remove the forgotten password directly, or change it into a new password, or even create a new admin account by using the ultimate edition. All versions can get Windows password reset by the following detailed steps:

1.    Make sure you can find an accessible computer, and then download and install the software onto the computer (note: not the locked computer.)

2.    Run it and put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to make a password reset disk by some mouse-clicking.

3.    Insert the disk into the locked computer. When the password reset Windows pops up, do a few mouse-clicking again then you can reset the forgotten Windows password.

Except for being a professional Windows 7 admin password unlocker, Windows Login Recovery is also a good tool for all user accounts and all Windows versions.