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How to Recover Windows XP Password with Password Reset Disk?

windows xp password recovery
Windows XP not only allows you to set a strong password to protect your computer, but also enables you to create a password reset disk to recover Windows XP password. So if you forgot your Windows XP password, there is no need for you to re-install Windows. However, Windows XP has been released for several years and used by a majority of PC users, but there are still some PC users who do not know how to create a password reset disk. Here I will show you the way to create and use Windows XP password reset disk to recover Windows XP password.

Part 1: Create Windows XP password reset disk

To create a Windows XP password reset disk, you need prepare a USB flash drive in advance, and then please follow the steps below:

Click 'Start' button to select 'Control Panel'.
Click 'User Account' on the following Windows screen.
Select the User Account you want to create password reset disk for.
Click 'Prevent a forgotten password'.
The Windows Password reset wizard will come up, Click 'Next'.
Insert the USB flash drive into your computer. The next box will say Create a Password Reset Disk and ask you to insert your blank formatted disk in your floppy drive. Click the 'Next' button.
Enter your password at the Current User Account Password Box and click 'Next'.
Windows XP will create the password reset disk. When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, click 'Next'.
Click 'Finish' when the forgotten password wizard box prompts you to do so.

Part 2: Recover Windows XP password with the password reset disk

When the password reset disk is created, a file named userkey.psw will be appeared in your USB flash drive. You only need to create a disk for your password once. No matter how many times you change your password, this XP password disk will always allow you to create a new one. Please remember to keep it in a safe place. And then when you forget your password, you can use this USB flash drive to recover Windows XP password. Just 7 steps.

Start your computer to enter the Windows XP log on screen.
Type an incorrect password in the Password box, and then press 'Enter'.
In the following 'Logon Failed' dialog box, click 'use your password reset disk'. The Password Reset Wizard starts.
On the Welcome to the Password Reset Wizard page, click 'Next'.
Insert the password reset disk, and then click 'Next'.
On the Reset the User Account Password page, type a new password twice.
In the 'Type a new password hint' box, type a hint, click 'Next', then click 'Finish'.

Now your Windows XP password has been successfully reset. You can log on your computer with the new password. And if forgetting to create a password reset disk in advance, you can still perform Windows XP password recovery with Windows password recovery software like Windows Login Recovery. It can help you recover Windows XP password by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. In addition to perform Windows XP Password recovery, it can also help you recover Windows administrator password, standard user password on Windows 7/Vista and Windows Server 2008/2003, etc.

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