Acer Windows 7 Password Recovery


Supposing you forget Acer Windows 7 password, I will introduce you to use the following two ways that are commonly used by Acer computer owners to reset password. Not for other reasons, but they are easy-to-use and truly can help you figure out the problem.

Method 1: Ophcrack Windows Password Recovery Software

It is called one of the best and most popular Windows password recovery tool among computer users for it is free and easy to operate. But it only works for password that is less than 14 numbers or letters. It is fit for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

1.    Find an accessible computer (not the locked computer) and download Ophcrack.

2.    Run Ophcrack and insert a CD into the computer to burn ISO files into the CD.

3.    Put the CD into the locked computer and restart it.

4.    Make the locked computer boot from the CD.

5.    Follow the guiding to reset Acer Windows 7 password.

Method 2: Windows Login Recovery --- Powerful and Professional tool

It is the most time-saving and efficient way to reset Windows 7 password. Of course, it is popular, too. Compared to method 1, Windows Login Recovery can reset all Windows passwords no matter how long and complicated they are. And it can reset Windows passwords for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows server 2008, 2003 etc. One of the highlighted features of Windows Login Recovery is it won't cause data formatting and files losing to your computer. Only three steps are needed:

1.    Download Windows Login Recovery by an accessible computer and install it.

2.    Burn a Windows password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB drive.

3.    Insert the disk into the locked computer to remove Windows 7 password.

Forgot windows 7 password

Note: if you want to know more about Windows Login Recovery, you can click Here.

We all know Acer have many different series of computers, such as Aspire One, TravalMate, Timeline, Timeline X, Tablet PC, Extensa, Farrari and so on. Thousands of Acer computers have been set up Windows passwords. When you need to get Windows password reset for any Acer computer, Windows Login Recovery is always your best choice.

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