How to remove the forgotten PC Windows Password


What can you do with Windows security? There are some, such as Windows firewall, Windows update, Windows defender, Internet options and so on. The mentioned measures can get the computer avoid being hacked or infected virus. What about getting rid of being logged by sinister person? For that, you should set a Windows password for your computer.

Section 1: Set the Windows password for PC

1.    Log on Windows and click Start button.

2.    Enter Control Panel and choose "User accounts and Family safety", and then choose "User Account".

3.    Choose the account you want to set password for and click "set a password", and then confirm it.

If you think your Windows password is too simple and want to change it to a complicated one to make your computer safer, than you can do the following steps. Also in Control Panel-> User Accounts and Family Safety-> User Accounts-> choose the account-> Change Password-> Input the old password and a new password-> Confirm the changing.

Section 2: Reset forgotten Windows 7 password

As for the computer users who have forgotten their Windows 7 password, they should resort to professional Windows 7 password recovery software, like Windows Login Recovery Ultimate.

This is a common sense that once losing Windows password, we cannot log on Windows, that is to say, we cannot use Control Panel to change the password anymore. However, Windows Login Recovery Ultimate can change the forgotten password without log into Windows. That is why I said it is professional. See how it could do it below.

1.    Download and install the software onto an accessible computer and insert a well-prepared blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer so that a Windows password reset disk could be made.

2.    Put the made disk into the locked computer and choose "reset your password" in the coming interface.

3.    Choose the account you want to change password for and input a new password, and then confirm. After restart the computer, you can log on Windows with the new password.

Besides resetting Windows 7 password, Windows Login Recovery Ultimate also can create a new admin account directly also no need to log into Windows. So I must say, beside professional, it is the best powerful in Windows password recovery.

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