How to reset or recover Dell Windows XP admin password?

Recover Toshiba Windows 7 password No Dell computer users want to go through mess like forgetting Dell Windows XP password. But no one can stop it when it really comes. If there is no chance for you to dope it out, you have no choice but try some other methods.

We know that setting a Windows password is easy; changing an old Windows password to a new one is easy, too. Whether resetting forgotten Windows password is also easy? There is no doubt that people want to find a quick, easy, professional, time-saving way to reset Windows password. Is there such a perfect way available? There is and you will realize that reset Dell Windows XP password is also pretty easy after reading the content below.

The perfect way I want to introduce is using third-party Windows password reset software. I got one named Windows Login Recovery that can be used by both computer experts and computer novices to easily reset Windows password. Passwords of all Windows versions and all brands of computers can be fast and successfully reset, let alone with Dell Windows XP password reset. In a word, resetting forgotten Windows password is a piece of cake to Windows Login Recovery. By the way, if you are a picky user, never mind, the software released four different versions for you to choose and make sure to fulfill your need. The four versions are standard version, professional version, enterprise version and ultimate version. One of them must be your favor and help you get out of the stuck. All versions can use the steps below to remove Dell Windows XP password.

reset Windows admin vista password

1.    Download and install Windows Login Recovery on an accessible computer.

2.    After running the software, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (Standard version does not support USB drive) into the computer to burn a Windows password reset disk.

3.    Put the disk into the locked computer and restart it. The clear and graphical password reset wizard will guide you successfully reset forgotten Windows password.

I do believe Windows Login Recovery will be your preferred tool to help you recover Dell Windows XP password from now on if you give it a try.