Why Do You Need a Windows Password Recovery Tool?

Do you know what a Windows password recovery tool is? Have you ever used a Windows password recovery tool? Windows password recovery tool is an efficient utility to help you recover or reset Windows password when you forgot Windows 7/Vista/XP passwords. It can be a saver when you are locked out of computer. Maybe you think it is far away from your life. But you will change your mind now as you may meet the following situations:

Situation 1: Forgot Windows password

Forgot Windows password happens every day. You can easily forget your Windows password in various conditions. You may forget your Windows password as you set a rather complicated password on Windows machine. Or you suddenly forget the password after resetting it for security reasons. In addition, your password got lost or forgotten if you have not used your computer for a long time. Following are some questions about forgotten Windows password:

Q1: I have a windows XP home edition and last week I put a password in because I was going somewhere and I didn't want my little brother playing with my computer and so I put a password in, but now I forgot it, what must I do?
Q2: I forgot my administrator password on my laptop, and that is my only windows account. How can I change my password?

Situation 2: Get a locked secondhand PC

"I bought this laptop from a friend, but he can't remember the password for the administrator account. I can't download anything without this password. Is there a way that I can either recover or remove the password?"

This is an internet question form a secondhand PC user. Today it is easy and cheap for you to get a secondhand computer. If the used computer is password-protected, you can simply reinstall it as there is no important data for you. But if you don't have a setup disc or other tools, you'll need the Windows password recovery tool to help you perform the Windows password recovery.

Situation 3: Computer locked by resigned employees

In the workplace, people would like to set passwords on computers. For most employees, they will unlock Windows or tell the passwords to other company employees before leaving a company. But sometimes some may forget to delete the password. If the left employee's computer is locked and there are some important files on it, then you need a Windows password recovery tool to change or remove the password. So that you can get the valuable data on the computer safely.

If you meet the above situations or other similar situations, you'll find out the Windows password recovery tool is an important tool for you. Then how can you get a Windows password recovery tool? Well, it is very easy. Here we suggest Windows Login Recovery. It allows you to use a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive to create a password recovery disc when you are locked out of computer. The password recovery disc can be used for all popular OS, like Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT and Windows Server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000.